Let The Witnesses Speak

John 20:1-18

The Gospel writers are making their central argument for the resurrection on the basis of the women witnessing/”seeing” the events from the birth/life, death, crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

What is the significance of the resurrection? 

  1. The Resurrection is not the re-description of death; it is the overthrow
  2. If the Cross is the day the revolution began, then the Resurrection is the absolute and total OVERTHROW of the power of death!

Early Christians believed the resurrection:

  1. Takes the whole stage of the Christian story.
  2. Without it, you loose the whole New Testament and  first few hundred years of Christianity.
  3. Produced a new body, transformed, created from the old you, but with new properties.

“Who is it you are looking for?” 20:15

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