Don’t Neglect The Gift You Have

I Timothy 4:11-16

Struggling with being intimidated?  Remember the gift that was given to you that would change the way you see yourself and others.  The gifts that the Holy Spirit gives His children produce encouragement and strength for all those who know their gifting and share it with others.  Pause for a moment and with open hands receive your high calling in Christ Jesus.

  1. Don’t Let TheMisguided Judgment Of Others Hinder You 4:11-12
  2. Get Close And Speak Truth 4:11
  3. Allow YourAge To Serve The Cause of Christ 4:12

                        1) How You Speak

                        2) How You Live

                        3) How You Love

                        4) How You Trust

                        5) How You Think


  1. Maintain The Centrality of Scripture In Your Public and Private Worship 4:13
    1. Devoted ToReading The Word 4:13a
    2. Devoted ToEncouraging The Word 4:13b
    3. Devoted ToTeaching The Word 4:13c


  1. Your Gifting Is What Builds Up The Body of Christ 4:14
    1. Uniquely GiftedTo Serve Not Consume 4:14
    2. Uniquely GiftedTo Build Up The Body 4:14


  1. Immerse YourselfIn All Sound Faith, Doctrine, Living 4:15-16
    1. Practice Reading, Encouraging, Teaching The Word 4:15a
    2. Immerse In Reading, Encouraging, Teaching The Word 4:15b
    3. Keep A Close Eye On Yourself 4:16a
    4. Persist, It Will Save You and Others 4:16b

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