Unhealthy Cravings

I Timothy 6:3-10

In most ways we decide what we allow our minds to consider true. This can produce sound patterns of believing and living or cause us to pursue unhealthy false teachings that generate controversy.  Approaching life with greater contentment with the truth of God and the life you have been given is extremely valuable.

  1. GroundYour Thinking In Biblical Truth 6:3-5

As your thinking goes so goes the rest of your life.

  1. Enough Cannot Be Said About Where You Do Your Thinking 6:3
  2. You Become What You Think  6:3
  3. Your Thought Life Is A Vital Defense 6:4-5

1)    Against Conceit

2)    Against Cravings

3)    Against Constant Friction


  1. DevelopGodly Contentment For Living 6:6-8

The Presence of contentment and godliness adds huge value to life.

  1. Godliness and Contentment Are Partners For Gain 6:6
  2. Decide Now What You Will Spend Your Life Chasing 6:7
  3. Remember: The U-haul Principle! 6:8

1)    Somebody Gave It To You

2)    Somebody Is Going To Get What “Stuff” You Leave

  1. a)FYI: You are leaving it!
  2. b)FYI: Consult the pyramids!
  3. c)FYI: Don’t think you’re the exception!
  4. d)FYI: Open your hands right now and let it go!


  1. Don’t ReachFor What Others Have Whether You Are Poor or Rich 6:9-10
  2. It’s Not About What You Have But About How and What You Pursue 6:9a
  3. Throw Caution To The Wind & You Will Pay A Heavy Price 6:9b
  4. Root Of All Kinds Of Evil Will Grow 6:10

1)    Wandering from the faith 6:10b

2)    Piercing your soul with pain 6:10c

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