Household of God
1 & 2 Timothy
Dr. Joe Worley

Grace, Mercy, and Peace 1:1-2 (pg. 2)

Paul found the courage to enter Ephesus, where schools of higher learning,
government authority, homes and all social spaces were empty of God.

1. The Savior is the One In Whom we L________1:1c
2. The Savior is the One In Whom we L________1:1d

The Gospel of the Glory of God 1:3-11 (pg. 4)

A challenging word against false teachers was needed then and now.
1. The T_____ Is Under Attack 1:3-4
2. The Central Matter of L_____ 1:5
*They Lost Focus on the Gospel 1:11

A Trustworthy Saying 1:12-18 (pg. 6)

Paul writes this letter to engage Timothy in the battle of beliefs that will
affect the Ephesian church.
A Testimony to:
1. God’s G_____________1:12-14
2. God’s G_____________ 1:15-16
3. God’s G_____________ 1:17

One God One Mediator 2:1-7 (pg. 8)
Paul was concerned about the doctrine and devotion of the church.
1. We Should P_______ In Church 2:1-2
2. We Should P_______ Matters In Church 2:3-4
1) Please God 2) All To Be Saved 3) Know God
3. We Should P________ God In Church 2:5-7

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