I. The Beauty of a Godly Woman 2:9-10  Her Responsibilities   

Living in Sobriety

  1. Avoid A Contentious Spirit 2:8
  2. Adorn Yourself With Modest Apparel 2:9

a. Dress 2:9a Proper adornment on the outside reflects a properly adorned heart on the inside.

b. Deportment 2:9b  Appearance that is simple, moderate, judicious and free from ostentation/flashiness/display.

Jewelry has been used of flaunting a woman’s wealth or calling attention to herself in an unwholesome way.  *These are principles for public worship and we should be careful not to become legalistic and prudish.  (Song 1:10-11; 4:9 Solomon’s bride wore gold and silver jewelry as did Rebekah Gen. 24:53).

c. Display 2:9c Christian’s must be careful about letting pagan culture set their fashions.  Christian women should display a different set of values.  The kind of dress that brings attention to you over the God that is to be worshipped is not appropriate.  “costly garments”

3.     Attend To Godly & Good Works 2:10

1)    Personal Godliness 2:10a We must reject the world’s yardstick for measuring beauty and adopt heaven’s (I Sam. 16:7)

2)    Practical Goodness 2:10b “theosebeia” refers to reverence to God that loves, worships, honors and fears the Lord.


II. The Beatitudes of a Godly Woman 2:11-12 Her Restrictions

 Learning in Silence

  1. Learning quietly with submissiveness 2:11
  2. Teaching & exercising authority over a man 2:12
    1. Teaching
    2. Trespassing

III. The Becoming of a Godly Woman

Laboring in self-control

  1. Creation’s order 
  2. The Fall’s deception
    1. Adam was disobedient
    2. Eve was deceived
    3. Salvation in childbearing

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