Life Together

Joshua 3   2022

1.R                    Our Future 3:1-4

Meditation: Contemplation-“Rose early”

**Revelation VS Reasoning; They listened!

NextGen: need to see us/you gather before God. Everyone, young and old

Shared life: their schedule was not their own.

Providence: has us right where you are.

IFL: God arrives before we do!

Truth: Here We Face a thousand fears!

2. R              Our Momentum 3:5-9

Mindfulness: Sanctification-“set apart”

**Word centered VS World centered They Learned!

NextGen: need to see purposeful living modeled for them.

Everyone, At New and Mature Levels Faith

Shared life: together set aside all hindrances.

*Providence: is preparing us for a new place.

IFL: God is never faced with something new!

Truth: Here, We Focus on a great God!

3.R               Our Voice 3:10-13

Motion: Activation-together they crossed

**I VS Us They Launched!

NexGen: need to see us being responsible to God’s vision.

Everyone, Priests and People

Shared life: together followed the Word of God.

*Providence: is moving us through turbulent waters.

IFL: God knows! We Learn!  He determines! We obey!

Truth: Here, We Faith a new way!

4.R                   Our Celebration 3:14-19

Meaning: Jubilation-all the nation

**His Glory VS Our Glory They Looked!

NexGen: needs to see us walk in the victory of God.

Everyone, stood firm on promised land.

Shared Life: together they saw God move.

*Providence: knows now what we will discover then.

IFL: God is never at the end of His resources!

Truth: Here, We Follow through unbelievable odds.

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